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I live in Dallas and currently work as a Software Engineer for Heads Up Technologies.

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A simple keyword cipher in javascript

I’m reading (slowly) the book CODES, CIPHERS, SECRETS AND CRYPTIC COMMUNICATION by Fred B. Wrixon.

The first example of a cipher is a simple letter substitution – the alphabet is basically shifted.

So I’ve written a letter substitution function that requires two letters and the phrase to be encrypted.

var keywordCipher = function(char1, char2, plaintext) {
  console.log("got ", char1, char2, plaintext);
  var comp1 = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz";
  var diff = comp1.indexOf(char2) - comp1.indexOf(char1);
  var msg = {
    value: plaintext,
    error: 0,
    message: "diff: " + diff
  var trans = "";
  for(var i =0; i < plaintext.length; i++) {
    var plainChar = plaintext.charAt(i);
    if(plainChar == " ") {
      trans = trans.concat(" ");
    } else {
      var transCharPos = (comp1.indexOf(plainChar) + diff)%comp1.length;
      var transChar = comp1.charAt(transCharPos);
      trans = trans.concat(transChar);
  msg.value = trans;
  return msg;

You can see this in action here.

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Some stuff I did several years ago


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Screen Printing

Screen Printing

Screen Printing

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Illustration Friday – Fearless

This is my friend Randy that I’ve known since high school. He is fearless and has achieved the rank of captain. He smashes… he is smashy… he is Captain Smashy!

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Illustration Friday – Cocoon

My wife knits like there’s no tomorrow. Here she is knitting her own cocoon.

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Illustration – Faster Than Goats!
(Illustration Friday – Ahead)

This Illustration Friday submission is originally an illustration requested by a friend for display as a screen background for an office mate as an inside joke. As you can see the computer is getting AHEAD of the goats.

Faster Than Goats! Illustration

To get the full-size image desktop 1024×768 resolution file click on the image above, right-click the image and select “Save Image As…” or Right-click here and select “Save Link As”

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Illustration Friday – Detective

This cartoon was inspired by a recent experience with credit card fraud where I had 3 unauthorized transactions appear in my checking account. I had several conversations with the bank fraud department, VISA’s customer service and the merchants that requested funds. I learned that the people who steal your credit card info will sometimes list fake vacation rental properties under your name to fraudulently collect rental deposits. My name and credit card were used to list a 6 bedroom/7 bath rental property for $9000 a month. Interestingly enough one of the merchants I contacted volunteered the email and IP addresses associated with the transaction. Hopefully this information will help the authorities.

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Editorial Illustration Friday – Linked

For Illustration Friday I think this illustration shows that the Cybersecurity Act of 2010 highlights how congress and the tech industry are “Linked”.

I’ve always liked the editorial illustrations I see in newspapers so I thought I’d take a shot at doing one. I found this article, The Silver Lining of the Google-China Cloud – Politics – The Atlantic, and used it as inspiration for the drawing below.

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Illustration Friday – Dip

My entry in Illustration Friday.

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