FLV’s don’t always work with relative pathing in XP browsers.

Say you want to create a Flash .swf that references a .flv with relative path. What you may discover, if you’re trying to view the .swf on a PC/Windows XP, is that the .flv does not play – and this is the case with Firefox, IE6, IE7, and Safari. But you may discover that it will work on Mac with Safari and Firefox! Also, you may discover that it will work on Vista on the same browsers!

So, the flash with .flv doesn’t work on PC XP with browsers Firefox, IE6, IE7, or Safari. But it does work on Mac Firefox and Safari as well as Vista Firefox, IE7, and Safari.

Why is this? I don’t know. But it seems that the problem is that the files reside locally. A work-around that I used was to post the files on a web server. I also discovered that it will work if accessed through FTP.


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