Destroy All Bunnies!

For too long the bunnies have dominated chicken-kind – heartlessly decorating and hiding their unborn offspring. Finally a hero has come! Help Bruster McRooster fend off the hideously fuzzy foes.

The main code came from an AS3 book. I modified the code a bit and added new graphics. Hope you enjoy it!

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In ActionScript 3 the TextArea object CSS attribute can be fussy

You can get different results from the same SWF if it’s executed locally versus a web server.

Suppose you have a TextArea object called “mytext” and you want this object to use css.

code 1

mytext.styleSheet = css;

code 2

mytext.styleSheet = css;

code 1 will render the TextArea object just fine on the local system but will not correctly render the css (specifically the line-height) from a web server.

code 2, however, will render the css correctly in both cases.

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